We started with 12 mice on the farm and now we have over 100 mice!  The are very cute and have lovely colours and marking.

Mice are easy to look after and don’t take up much room. They’re also very sociable creatures, and like to live together.

A baby mouse is called a pinky, or a kitten. A female is called a doe. A male is called a buck Mice live for one to two years. They can start having babies at 6-8 weeks old and have 5-10 in each litter (pregnancy lasts 3 weeks). Babies are born hairless with their eyes closed. One mother mouse can produce over 100 babies a year.

Mice are quite intelligent, so they need other mice or toys to play with. Mice need regular exercise to stay healthy. Mice like pellets, fresh vegetables, fruit, oats or wholemeal bread. Mice love to gnaw things, so the hard pellets are good for their teeth. Dandelions, nasturtium, clover, comfrey and herbs like basil, mint and sage are also good for mice. Mice like to have a nesting box.

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