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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of admission?

Do you accept card payments?

We do not currenly have the facilities to accept payments with credit or debit cards or cheques.  Please ensure that you bring cash on the day of your visit.

Is there a car park?

Yes we do have a free car park at the farm, however please bear in mind that spaces are limited and the car park may be full on our busier days.

Do you have a Cafe?

We do not currently have a cafe at the farm (although we are in the process of building a new barn which will include a cafe – this is not up and running yet).

Currently we have a kiosk which sells hot drinks, cold drinks, hotdogs, ice cream, chocolate bars and crisps.

Please feel free to bring along your own food, just please make sure you tidy up after yourself.

Is the Farm indoors or outdoors?

Our Petting Barn and Aviary are under cover however the majority of the farm is outdoors, so if its cold or raining be sure to wrap up and dress appropriately.

How much time will we spend on the Farm?

The farm is quite large at around 25 acres, that’s around the same size as 25 football pitches!

Some people like to arrive as soon as we open and spend all day there while others will spend a couple of hours or a morning or an afternoon, it all really depends on what you want to do.

We would recommend allowing yourself at least 2 hours to enjoy it properly without having to rush, although many people like to spend much longer.

What should I wear?

As most of the farm is outdoors this all really depends on the weather as you will be exposed to the elements much of the time, so if its wet and cold wrap up warm, bring wellies, a waterproof coat and maybe an umbrella, if its hot wear loose fitting clothing, and sun hats to protect yourself from the sun… and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Don’t come in your best clobber and high heels, wear suitable clothing and footwear, it’s a farm, and the animals don’t care what you’re wearing!

Is the Farm muddy?

Generally the farm does not tend to be overly muddy (but we are a farm!) if it’s been raining then we would advise wearing wellies.

Do you have disabled access?

The ground at the farm is level but is made of tarmac planings which is quite rubbly. Some people using wheel chairs and mobility scooters find it fine while others have found it difficult to push over.

There are very few steps on the farm, we have tried wherever possible to use ramps, with the exception of the Aviary which has steps at the entrance and exit.

It is important to bear in mind that the Nature Walk has some quite large slopes, going down might not be an issue but just remember you have to get back up!

We have a disabled toilet at the farm.

Do you offer any discounts for carers/senior citizens/disabled people?

We try to keep our admission prices as low as possible for all of our visitors, therefore we do not offer any further discounts.

Do you have a gift shop at the farm?

We do not currently have a gift shop at the farm, however we do have a small selection of children’s toys available to purchase from the Kiosk.

Do you do birthday parties at the farm?

At present we are unable to organise birthday parties as we do not have an indoor area for parties. However as many other families have done, you are welcome to pay normal admission fee and bring your own food, balloons, party equipment etc and do your own party at the farm.

Do you allow visiting dogs on the farm?

Unfortunately we do not allow visiting dogs on the farm.

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Our Animals

We have over 50 species of farm and domesticated animals on the farm – many of which we have helped to rescue.

We aim to provide the best possible environment and lifestyle for each of our animals to help them lead a happy and healthy life.

Several are real characters and some can be quite naughty on occasion!

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