Health & Safety

Staying safe on the Farm


Health & Safety

Children must be supervised at all times while on the farm, especially when feeding, touching or holding the animals. Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


Hand washing facilities can be accessed outside the Petting Barn, outside the Kiosk, at the Large Play Area and at the toilets.

Hand sanitising gel is available at several locations around the farm.

Please ensure that all members of your party use these facilities at regular intervals especially after feeding, handling or touching the animals and before eating, drinking, smoking and leaving the farm.

First Aid

The first aid box is located at the Pay Desk.

Please inform a member of staff should you require First Aid.

Activities & Events

Our Animals

We have over 50 species of farm and domesticated animals on the farm – many of which we have helped to rescue.

We aim to provide the best possible environment and lifestyle for each of our animals to help them lead a happy and healthy life.

Several are real characters and some can be quite naughty on occasion!

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