Guinea Pig

Our guinea pigs live in the petting barn, when the weather is fine we put them outside in a run so that they can chomp on the grass to their heart’s content!

The guinea pig is a type of rodent. Despite their name these animals are not in the pig family and they are not from Guinea.

The guinea pig’s docile nature, their responsiveness to handling and feeding, and the relative ease of caring for them has made them a popular pet. The guinea pig typically lives an average of four to five years, but according to the Guinness Book of Records the longest living guinea pig survived 14 year, 10.5 months!

Guinea pigs are not found naturally in the wild, they are a descendant of a species called “Cavies” which are commonly found in South America. Wild cavies are found on grassy plains, they are social, living in the wild in small groups which consist of several females (called sows), a male (called a boar) and the young (called pups). They move together in groups (called herds) eating grass and other vegetation.

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