Fancy Rat

Our rats live in the petting barn in their own cage, they come in lovely colours and markings.  They are lovely creatures so there is nothing to be scared of!

The fancy rat is a domesticated brown rat, and is the most common type of pet rat.

Fancy rats come in a wide variety of colours and coat types. Domesticated rats are different from their wild relatives, and when acquired from reliable sources (such as a breeder) they pose no more of a health risk than other common pets.

Fancy rats differ from wild rats in their colouring, behaviour and lifespan. Fancy rats can be anything from white to blue in colour. They are much tamer than those in the wild, they are more comfortable around humans, they have a decreased reaction to light and sound, they are less wary of new food and have a better tolerance to over crowding. They have a longer life span than wild rats as they have ready access to food, water, shelter and medical care. Their average life span is around 2 years.

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