Our three common donkeys were once used as working donkeys on Blackpool beach, they have come to the farm for a long and enjoyable retirement.
The Donkey or Ass has been used as a working animal for 5000 years and is still used for work today.

Working donkeys in the UK may have a lifespan of 30 – 50 years. In prosperous countries, the welfare of donkeys both at home and abroad has become a concern, and a number of sanctuaries for retired and rescued donkeys have been set up.

A male donkey is called a jack and female donkey is called a jenny or jennet, a young donkey is a foal. Jack donkeys are often used to produce mules.

A jenny is usually pregnant for around 12 months, although this can vary from 11 – 14 months. She will usually have one foal however very rarely she may have twins.

Donkeys have a notorious reputation for stubbornness, this is likely to be because it is considerably difficult to force a frightened donkey into doing something it perceives as dangerous for whatever reason.

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