Sussex Chicken

The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed (it is bred for both egg laying and meat production) that originating in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43.

Sussex chickens come in 8 colours: Brown, Buff, Light, Red, Speckled, Silver, White and Coronation. The eyes are red in the darker varieties and orange in the lighter one. The Brown and red varieties are rare but the others are more common.

The Sussex chicken is an alert, docile breed that can adapt to any surrounding, they are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces and in the presence of humans. They are good foragers.

They lay around 250 eggs per year that are large and cream to light brown in colour, the light and white varieties are the best choice for layers.

Sussex chickens are believed to have been first bred in Britain (in the area that was to become England) around the time of the Roman invasion of AD 43 making them one of the oldest known breeds. The original colours were the Brown, Red and Speckled, and the Silver is the latest variety.

Our Sussex chickens are Light Sussex Chickens.

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