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Gloucester Old Spot Pig

Our Gloucester Old Spot is a superb mother and has had several litters.  Her piglets look like dalmations because of their pinkish white skin and black spots.

The Gloucestershire Old Spot (aka "Gloucester, Gloucester Old Spot or "Old Spots") is an English breed of pig which is white with black spots. It is named after the county of Gloucestershire. The GOS pig is known for its docility, intelligence, and profligacy. There must be at least one spot on the body to be accepted in the registry.

The breed’s maternal skills enable it to raise large litters of piglets on pasture. The females tend to be very devoted mothers, while the males seldom pose a threat to piglets. Its disposition and self-sufficiency make it attractive for farmers raising pasture pigs. The Gloucestershire Old Spots Breed Society called the breed 'Old' Spots because the pig had been known for as long as anyone could remember. The first pedigree records of pigs began much later than it did for other livestock because the pig was a peasant's animal, a scavenger and was never highly regarded. Today's GOS is recognized as the oldest such breed in the world. The GOS was traditionally kept in orchards, eating fallen fruits and so is also known as the "Orchard Pig" and "The Cottager's Pig” . Ironically, despite these humble origins, both The Prince of Wales and The Princess Royal keep GOS pigs on their Gloucestershire estates.

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