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We have a large family of degus, they all live together in the petting barn. They like to eat nuts and play in the sand.



The Degu is a small rodent that is native to central Chile and is sometimes referred to as the brush-tailed rat, they can live up to 13 years. 

Degus are highly social animals with a bubbly personality. They live in burrows which they dig together and form digging chains.  

Female Degus are pregnant for 90 days, having around six pups, but size can range from one to twelve young. Degu pups are born with fur and with eyes open. Female Degus nurse each others’ young.

Degus are extremely intelligent and have a good ability to solve problems, they use their forepaws to hold food whilst eating on grasses, shrub leaves and seeds. Degus are intolerance of dietary sugar and are highly susceptible to developing diabetes.

It is important never to try to catch a Degu by the tail because it will fall off easily and is painful to the creature and will not grow back.

Degus need regular sand baths to keep their coats healthy and free from grease. 

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