Lancaster Park & Animal Farm

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American Turkey

Our turkeys live in their own grounds on the nature walk, it has a high fence to protect them from foxes.  They have an indoor and an outdoor area and please…

Black Swan

Black Swans are large birds with mostly black plumage and red bills.


We have a wide variety of chickens on the farm with striking variations in both colour and size.  Chickens are one of the most common and widespread domestic animals with a population…


We have a large family of degus, they all live together in the petting barn. They like to eat nuts and play in the sand.    


Our three common donkeys were once used as working donkeys on Blackpool beach, they have come to the farm for a long and enjoyable retirement.


We have a wide variety of ducks on the farm, they live in a specially constructed shed on the nature walk with access to a pond and the River Irk.  They love to…

Fancy Rat

Our rats live in the petting barn in their own cage, they come in lovely colours and markings.  They are lovely creatures so there is nothing to be scared of!

Gloucester Old Spot Pig

Our Gloucester Old Spot is a superb mother and has had several litters.  Her piglets look like dalmations because of their pinkish white skin and black spots.

Guinea Fowl

Guineafowl (also known as guineahen) are native to Africa, but the Helmeted Guineafowl has been domesticated, and both feral and wild-type birds have been introduced elsewhere. This family of insect…

Guinea Pigs

Our guinea pigs live in the petting barn, when the weather is fine we put them outside in a run so that they can chomp on the grass to their…

Gypsy Horse

We have a magnificent herd of gypsy horses on the farm.  They are sometimes in the stables and sometimes in the nature walk.  Look out for Mr Mustachio!

Miniature Donkey

Our miniature donkeys live in the main field on the nature walk.  They will greet you at the top of the nature walk and will be waiting for a treat…


We started with 12 mice on the farm and now we have over 100 mice!  The are very cute and have lovely colours and marking.


We have a group of peafowl that live on the farm, they have their own purpose built shed on the right hand side of the nature walk. 


We have several breeds of pigs on the farm including the Pietrain, Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot, Kune Kune and Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. Depending on the time of the year…

Pygmy Goat

We have a lovely herd of pygmy goats on the farm, they live in a purpose built shed at the top end of the nature walk.  The door is left…


We have lots of different breeds of rabbits on the farm, we also tend to have serveral baby rabbits.  Visitors are able to hold the rabbits in the petting barn. …


We have 10 sheep on the farm.  They arrive as lambs in April and May and visitors are invited to help to bottle feed them.  After 8 weeks they are…

Shetland Pony

Our Shetland ponies live in the paddock.  They love to eat carrots and will always come over to say hello if you have a treat for them!

Sussex Chicken

The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed (it is bred for both egg laying and meat production) that originating in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. Sussex…


Our tortoise is called Tilly, she has her own cage with a special light in the petting barn.  When the weather is fine we put her out to graze in…